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Napkin machine product knowledge

Napkin machine napkin machine classification
According to the speed: ordinary low-speed napkin machine, high-speed napkin machine
According to how much embossing roller: single embossed napkin machine, double embossed napkin machine
According to whether the color printing: ordinary napkin machine, monochrome color napkin machine, two-color color napkin machine and multi-color color napkin machine
According to the number of layers: single napkin machine, double napkin machine
Other categories can be freely combined: such as ordinary low-speed single-color color napkin machine, high-speed color napkin machine, double embossed color napkin machine
Napkin machine is one of the important equipment in papermaking machinery, is the current sales and production of the best equipment, but many people know the fault analysis is not very clear, mainly the following: bearing heat, check whether the lack of oil. Host bearings and pinion shafts with butter lubrication, reducer with oil lubrication. If there is no shortage of oil, check the nipple parts of the napkin machine, respectively, check the host and transmission parts. Large bearing and hollow shaft is not concentric, resulting in hollow shaft and bearing gland friction heat. Transmission pinion shaft and the bearing seat is different, resulting in transmission shaft and bearing gland friction heat. Reducer and pinion shaft different heart, reducer and the motor is not the heart, will cause the bearing overload operation and heat. Napkin machine when the hollow shaft and large bearing seat is not serious, it will cause difficulties in starting, running when the movement, the motor fever and so on. So it is very important to ensure that the concentricity of each part is installed.