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New guidebook for toilet paper processing industry

First, the preparation of documents
1, do toilet paper rewinding processing, the general need to handle are: industrial and commercial business license (Trade and Industry Bureau); tax registration certificate (IRS);
2, do napkins, face towels, box pumping paper as a result of the use of intimate contact, so health needs to meet the standard, not only the above documents to have, but also need health permits (Health Authority).
The three card is not necessarily complete to start, in accordance with the provisions of the normal express, do toilet paper factory business license is the most basic, and toilet paper if it is wiping the mouth when eating, so its clean and hygienic requirements more stringent, health permits But also to do, and then is the tax certificate, etc., said the certificate, the more the more complete the best documents, as the operator is undoubtedly more economic burden and trouble. The practical problem is that small-scale processing workshops sometimes do not reach some of the documents are not easy to handle, especially the beginning of the toilet paper processing friends, generally just started to buy a set of toilet paper processing equipment (toilet paper rewinder, Cutter And the sealing machine), the initial sales are not great, the relevant departments will not notice, and then in their own home production as long as the surrounding residents do not affect the rest, not to be reported, relatively speaking, is more subtle, so many beginners are Do not have a formalities. It is certainly a friend worried that, in case of being checked or reported how to do? This situation will inevitably occur, in general, be found after the warning will be given to urge to go to the formalities, and for toilet paper processing, the business license is more easy to handle, only a few hundred dollars local fees will be different There is a deviation, in short, expensive, and health permits to see the situation, to improve the quality of their processed paper, do better quality, forced to run a few times to run a few times should be no problem, are generally equipment and plant Get to accept the formal approval! This is not to encourage everyone not to do the relevant procedures or ignore them, engage in opportunistic, but told those who first entered the industry, would like to slowly small development, some can be omitted first, but when your business is bigger, it should To complete the procedures to do all, or that will affect the brand reputation and sales, so that their processing plants can not get normal production, the final loss or their own.
Second, the difficulty of issuing and the cost of preparation
If the paper is processed, related to pollution disposal and other related issues, must be difficult to approve, but the processing of paper products are secondary processing, no water pollution, air pollution, so the difficulty of accreditation is lower, the threshold is not high. The cost of the whole need a few thousand dollars can be, for individual businesses are generally not too high charges.
In recent years the country for paper pollution to increase the crackdown, so want to do paper mills can not get a few people, need a lot of money and manpower, and is not recommended to the individual projects, the general is the secondary processing of paper products, Although the paper industry survey more stringent, but the secondary processing of individual business individuals are more relaxed, the state also encourages individuals to start, so the difficulty and cost of the procedure will not cause too much burden on individuals, of course, you can also find a special business Registered companies to charge d'affaires, although the cost will be a little more, but you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble, you only need to provide relevant materials on it.
Third, the trademark and bar code aspects of the preparation
1, trademark:
A good brand is bound to have their own people never forget the trademark, but for the beginning of the market for entrepreneurs, the creation of a new brand is not easy, so many times will choose deck production. This is not to register a trademark, when there is a part of the profits, and need to occupy a certain share in the market, go to play the brand is not late.
2, bar code:
As the current supermarkets are mostly using bar code scanning, so you can ask the packaging manufacturers to see if there are bar codes available, if they do not provide it, then need to register a bar code, the specific operation can be directly Baidu "bar code", Baidu Encyclopedia will have More detailed introduction.
These two aspects are related to product sales, not every manufacturer has, regardless of cost or energy, for the beginning of the manufacturers is not very recommended.
Easy to understand in terms of words, toilet paper processing is to buy equipment and raw materials on the direct processing, after processing with plastic bags directly installed, installed after the car pulled directly to the roadside market to sell. In this way, will soon find which paper is good sales, in the course of business will be exposed to the relevant information in the industry, go to the relevant procedures for documents and other trademarks are more relaxed.