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For diaper related issues

Diapers are hot and wet
Baby urine, will make the diaper in the temperature and humidity increased, formed in the diaper inside "dull hot and humid" state. In such an environment, the baby's skin will be wet and soft expansion, become vulnerable to injury, urine decomposition of the ammonia will be directly on the skin to stimulate the formation.
Solution: diapers immediately replace the urine, choose a good breathable diapers.

Bacterial infections
Urine or stool for a long time to touch the skin, then the skin's PH value will rise was alkaline, microbial breeding accelerated, and soon produce a lot of bacteria to stimulate the skin.
Solution: After you must be clean, but also often ventilation in the sun. Baby with a diaper, then ass can be coated with tea oil to inhibit the breeding of bacteria, used to use diapers mother can also choose a special anti-red diapers diapers instead of ordinary diapers.

Frequent scrubbing
Baby skin sensitive and delicate, cleaning more times, easy to damage the baby's ass on the natural grease protective film, red ass will be more serious.
Solution: Mom can be in a day which can be selective to the baby wipes wipe, the appropriate reduction in the number of cleaning, and then rub on the powder, keep the baby's ass dry.

Diaper design unreasonable
Compared to diapers, diapers are more likely to make your baby suffer from red ass. Some diapers damp cloth surface material soft degree is not enough, easy to scratch the skin; diapers breathability is not good, resulting in hot and moisture too heavy; poor water lock, urine once the surface is no longer dry; even some diaper formula on the baby skin is Harmful.
Solution: carefully select the diaper. Diaper before buying to consider the material, tailoring, water absorption, permeability and other factors. In addition, whether it is to prevent red ass function is also a very important consideration, the market has a Shu Biqi diaper in this area done well. On the one hand Shu Shuqi diaper design cut, the material selection of both water-blocking and breathability, to ensure that urine can quickly absorb non-reflow, urine and skin contact time is short; on the other hand surface layer with non-woven tea oil essence Su, can be effective antibacterial anti-inflammatory, even if long-term use, it will not happen red ass. Use this high-tech diapers can really prevent the occurrence of red ass.