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Automatic Facial Tissue Folding Machinery

CIL-FT-A-D High-speed facial tissue carton production line which composed of  one set of CIL-FT-20A Full-automatic box-drawing facial tissue machine, one set of CIL-FT-281 Facial tissue machine and one set of CIL-FT-258 Full-automatic high-speed carton packing machine or CIL- FT 602 Automatic Three-dimension Soft Tissue Packing Machine.

CIL-FT-A-D Facial tissue production line combined embossing, folding, counting, match with high-speed paper cutting machine, conveying, automatic box, automatic seal box. It much save manpower. This machine adopt PLC computer programming technology, frequency control, servo feeding control, match with touch type screen man-machine interface operating system. The whole machine adopts synchronous belt drive. Folding machine can match with automatic tension control system, to suitable various kind of raw material, greatly improve quality and efficiency. This production enjoy with easy operation flow, high production efficiency, perfect product , moreover, it can match with full-automatic heat shrink packaging machine. 

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CIL-FT-20A Full-automatic box-drawing facial tissue machine (take 7L for example)
final product size (mm) 200×200±2mm(Other specification, please specify)
Diameter of jumbo roll(mm) ¢1200(Other specification, please specify)
Core inner dia. of jumbo roll 76.2mm(Other specification, please specify)
Production speed 60~100 meter/min/line.
Power 3 phase, 380V/50HZ,
Cutting system point cut by pneumatic type
Vacuum system 22 KW Roots vacuum system
Pneumatic system 3P Air compressor ,minimum pressure 5kg/c㎡ Pa( prepared by customer)
Host power 7.5 KW
Overall dimension 6000×2600×1920 mm
Machine weight 3T

CIL-FT -281 Facial tissue cutting machine
Specification of jumbo roll(mm) Width 45-110mm adjustable,thickness 80-120mm adjustable
Cutting specification Adjustable 
Production speed 50-100 cut/minute
Power 3 phase, 380V/50HZ,
Cutting system 610mm round knife
Pneumatic system 3P Air compressor ,minimum pressure 5kg/c㎡ Pa( prepared by customer)
Host power 6.4 KW
Overall dimension 6800×1500×1920 mm
Machine weight 2T

CIL- FT 602 Automatic Three-dimension Soft Tissue Packing Machine
Model CIL-FT-602
Speed (bag/min) 30-90
Packing size(mm) 150-200X100-120X40-100
Outline Dimension(mm) 3885×3200×1900
Machine’s Weight(Kg) 3440
High max(mm) 200×120×100
Power 380V 50Hz
Power Consumption(Kw) 6.8
Used Shrink Film CPP,PE,BOPP and two sides heat film.

CIL-FT-258 Full-automatic high-speed tissue carton packaging machine
Item/model CIL-FT-228
Paper quality of carton 300-400g/m3
Maximum packing specification L240mm×W120mm×H90mm
Packing speed 50-80(boxes/minute)
Hot melt machine power 2.32KW
Motor power 2.65KW
Total power 5KW
Power supply type 220V 50Hz
Machine noise ≤80dB
Air supply 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption 120-160L/min
Overall dimensions Main machine L3100×W1550×H1810mm
Conveying mechanism L4000×W660×H1280mm
Machine weight 1500Kg