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Automatic Handkerchief Paper Pocket Tissue Machine

The machine combination of bagging and sealing , which suitable for mid-pack/bar pack standard type and mini type handkerchief , napkin , square tissue .
It is proper for bag package. This packing machine integrating automatic convey with conveyer belt , paper feeding, bagging , sealing and cutting , and can connect with handkerchief single pack automatic packing machine. The machine can Automatic detection of filled material, automatic discharge, auto feeding, frontal machine not need stop machine.
Water cooling function. Packing sealing effect of beautiful, neat, accurate positioning control; Conveying belt body containing the packaging machine is connected with the paper machine, the mechanical transmission, the machine automatically counting, feeding, artificial bagging can be completed
Adopt advanced PLC, text control, easy operation, improve speed of machine, save manpower, reduce production cost, improve efficiency. It can easy to adjust as two layers or 3 layers packing in the text.
Packing speed: 7-11 bags/min(1 person bag). If it is non-standard products has to select custom specifications

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Machine Model:CIL-AS-301-3
Packing speed:7---12pack/min
Power source:220 V,50 HZ
Air supply:0.5 MPA(by others)
Power consumption:1.5KW
Allowable packing size:( must be pre-selected)
Machine sizes:2650*1000*1400 mm