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Automatic Handkerchief Paper Pocket Tissue Machine

This machine is widely used in the automatic over-wrapping of various squares "Standard Type" and "Mini type" handkerchiefs (assembling) articles. It uses PLC human-machine interface controlling, the servo engine controls the film feeding and the specification of the film feeding can be adjusted at any level. The main frame consists of all stainless steel frame and close organic glass shield and platform of the machine and all the parts are produced by stainless steel according to the sanitary standard. This machine, through a few components replacement, is able to conduct the package of different box-type handkerchief (namely different specification)

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Model CIL-AS-301 -A CIL-AS-301 -B
Speed(boxes/min) 20-40 20-40
Max Film Width(mm) ≤330 ≤460
Packing size(mm) (50-300)X(40-180)X(10-90) (50-420)X(40-280)X(16-130)
  Packing Arrangement Form 2X3~2X5 2X3~2X8
3X3~3X5 3X3~3X8
2X3X2~2X5X2 2X3X2~2X8X2
3X3X2~3X5X2 3X3X2~3X8X2
Outline Dimension(mm) 2350X900X1650 2350X1100X1650
Machine's Weight(KG) 700 700
Compressed air pressure(MPA) 0.5 0.5
Power 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Power Consumption(KW) 6.5 6.5
Used Shrink Film CPP,PE,BOPP etc Double sides Hot Sealing Film