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Automatic Folding Napkin Paper Machinery

CIL-NP-7000K-2 Napkin paper folding is the model that produces napkin paper bymulti layers and high-production. This machine machine saves manpower, high efficiency. It’s the ideal equipment for paper converting.

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Production speed: 1500—2000sheets/min
Width of raw material: 600-1000mm
Power: Main motor 4KW.slitting motor 1.5KW
Dia.of raw materail: 1000-1200mm
Dia.of core: ¢76.2mm
Air pressure: 0.5 MPA(prepared by end-user)
Embossing device: Steel  roller to wool roller (it can be steel to steel according to requirement.)
Printing device: The machine can equip with single color printing or double colors printing according to the requirement.
Rectify device: One set