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Automatic Folding Napkin Paper Machinery

The production line consists of Automatic napkin machine with automatic transfer device and Automatic three-dimensional packaging machine.

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1  ayers of the paper: 1-2 layers  15 - 21 g/ m², 1 layer paper need 19g

2.Raw materials for maximum width:300mm

3.Material Diameter:1200mm

4.Inner diameter of raw paper core: Φ76.2mm

5.Embossing: one set steel to paper

6.Calender: NO(could be customized)

7. Color printing device:1 color, ceramic anilox roll,sealed ink box

8. Folding Type:1/4

9. The host structure: wallboard structure.

10. The host drive: synchronous toothed belt drive, a flat belt conveying.

11. The control mode: frequency control of motor speed

12. The host power: 4 KW

13. Cutter power: 0.75 KW

14. Control electrical appliances: siemens

15. Broken paper features: embossed cut paper stop position

16. Whet knife way: position manual adjustment, the pneumatic;

17. web guide: with

18. Counting: electronic counter, pneumatic hop

19. Operating speed:1200pcs/min

20. Working speed:1000pcs/min, according to the ink drying conditions is required for a print

21. Rear frame feeding: Automatic feeding,Type wide belf feeding, 1.2 meters in diameter can be put on the raw material

22.Power: 380V,50HZ,three-phase four wire. Add ground

23、cent fold function: using Siemens PLC program control and electronic pneumatic folding

24、fold the principle: the directional distribution, collection and counting position location points fold pattern

25Automatic transfer setting: Automatic transfer number adjustable, height between 35mm-120mm