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Special Design Machine

 This machine is ideal equipment to produce disposable medical dental pad. The main driving system adopt frequency conversion control,  plastic film unreeling adopts auto tension system, raw material adopt infinitive speed control , embossing system adopt heating auxiliary shaping, equips with auto rectifier. Realize material lamination, embossing, folding till final product come put single machine produce, high degree of automatic, high yield, easy operation, save labors.


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1.    生产速度Production Speed90120mmin


2.    主机功率Machine Power4.5KW 380V 50HZ


加热功率Heating power2.4KW


3.    原材料 raw material:双层卫生纸、塑料复合膜 Double layer toilet paper, plastic composite film(11 gsm/m2)


卫生纸规格Toilet paper specification450×Φ1200mm


塑料膜规格Plastic film specification440×Φ600mm


4.    成品展开尺寸Final product opening size330mm×450mm


折叠尺寸Folding sizeMfolding 165mm×112.5mm


(其它规格尺寸和折叠方式请指定other specification and folding type , please order)


5.    外形尺寸Overall size 4.5m X1.2m X1.6m


6.    设备重量Equipment Weightabout 1.5T